5 Major Reasons You Should Buy AstroKID Physics Calculation Software Now (Prices/Buying Links Are Below)
  • Quick, easy, accurate and step-by-step solutions display: To each of the over 230 fundamental Physics formulas pre-configured with AstroKID, all the variables can be solved one at a time. AstroKID displays all the steps after each calculation.
  • Graph Designs: Graph Design control included in AstroKID plots straight line, curve, area, pie chart and other graph types.
  • Scientific Unit Conversions: Universal Unit Conversion control imbedded in AstroKID contains 69 categories of units and over 2000 units. With this control, values can be converted from one unit to another of the same category. Also, all the fundamental formula calculations in AstroKID pass through the Unit Conversion tool for accurate results.
  • School Work Module: This module consists of Students Register, Physics Study Material, Revision, Examination and Report Generation tools. Revision tool contains many solved physics past questions from different examination bodies. AstroKID Examination tool randomly selects questions from the past questions and time student accordingly. After each examination, detailed and summary reports are generated for the student information on the Student Register. Physics Study Material contains derivations and definitions of over 230 formulas in AstroKID.
  • Inbuilt Scientific Calculator: AstroKID has an inbuilt scientific calculator. This enables users to quickly perform simple calculations.
AstroKID Physics Calculation Software: Which edition is right for me? See the Feature Comparison Below
Editions Features Prices
Basic Physics Edition Quick, easy, accurate and step-by-step solutions display
Graph Designs Module
Scientific Unit Conversions
Formula List View Explanation of All the Formulas
Saves and Prints Out Solutions And Graphs
Formula and other scientific reports
User Friendly and Easy To Use
US $12.99
Buy Now
Basic Physics School Edition Has all the features in Basic Physics Edition
It also includes School Work Modle
US $21.99
Buy Now