CBS Soft - Secondary Edition
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The user-friendly, intuitive interface will enable, even first-time, users to rapidly become familier with all the modules of CBSsoft. The major features of CBSsoft are described as follows.

Students Information Module: This is where students set up their information. Information provided on the Students Information Module is used to prepare revision and examination environments for the candidate. Student's information will be used during examination result report generation after each exam taken. Students will only have access to subjects selected on the Subject Information section of the Students Information Module.

Students can also upload their passport photograph using a button click. Passport photograph uploaded will be displayed on the students report after each exam taken and other parts of the application

Information provided here is only used for system operation.

Revision Module: Revision Module enables candidates have proper revisions of the past questions of most national examination setting egencies on a particular subject in a more user-friendly, organized and interactive way. It also has other academic learning tools that will enhance candidates understanding during revisions exercise.

Some of AstroKID Calculation Software features are included in the revision module to inhance students understanding during studies and examination preparations.

Examination Module: Examination Module enables students have online computer based exam taking experience prior to real time online exams. User friendly examination environment of CBSsoft is fully developed to assist students with all the tools necessary during exam. At the end of each exam assessment reports will be generated to enable candidate know his/her performance.

Report Module: Each exam on CBSsoft is stored in the database and can be viewed later from the Report Module for future use. Report Module also enables candidates have access to reports on all formulas and important tools included in CBSsoft.

Each of the reports can be printed or exported in other formats from the solution for other uses. Students, for example, can print out Physics Fundamental Formula List report for study and reference purposes before the examination. Physics Fundamental Formula List contains list of all the formulas and their explanations.