AstroKID - Basic Physics Edition
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The user-friendly, intuitive interface will enable, even first-time, users to rapidly perform all their necessary calculations. AstroKID is pre-configured with over 230 fundamental formulas of Physics.

The major features of AstroKID are described as follows.

Quick, Easy and Accurate Solutions: To each of the over 230 fundamental formulas pre-configured with AstroKID, all the variables can be solved one at a time. On the Formula Calculation Information display panel, select the formula being considered; supply all the known-variable(s) values, select units of both the known and unknown variables from the combo box drop down of the corresponding variable. Then click on the Solve button. Within few milliseconds, AstroKID will display all the steps and final answer to the Solution Display window. This enables quick decision on the particular problem in consideration. Cumulative displayed solutions can be printed out or saved to the hard disk or external drives to the system for further visitation.

Graph Design: Graph Design control included in AstroKID plots straight line, curve and other graph types. Enter all the values in the Coordinate Table rows, fill in other field options and click on the Plot Menu. AstroKID displays the plotted graph with all the filled in values well positioned on the graph sheet.

Scientific Unit Conversions: Universal Unit Conversion control imbedded in AstroKID contains 69 categories of units and over 2000 units. With this control, values can be converted from one unit to another of the same category. Also, all the fundamental formula calculations in AstroKID pass through the Unit Conversion tool for accurate results.

Inbuilt Scientific Calculator: This enables users to quickly perform simple calculations. One can also, copy mathematical expressions from the Solution Page directly to the calculator displaying window for further calculations.

Formula List view explanation of all the formulas: Also included in the AstroKID tool is the Formula List View control. It is located on the left pane of the application. It enables users to view AstroKID formulas in a more categorical and structured form. Brief detail of each of the formulas and all the variable representation of the formulas can be viewed here.

Saves and prints out solutions and graphs: Solutions on the AstroKID can be saved on the system hard disk or external drive for future use. Solutions can also be printed out. Cumulative solutions of the Solution Page and the Graph Design control can both be saved and printed.