Found and Incorporated on the 23rd February, 2012, SoftAge Global Systems Limited is an innovative company that provides solutions and services to businesses and educational software and online application users. Our products are developed with the best of speciality and skills. Our vision of high valuable, affordably priced, user friendly packaged and efficiently supported tools have led to the range of innovative software tools available to our clients.

Our flagship application, SpeedSolution - Basic Physics Edition, is one of the most highly rated software programs of all time and is used by students, lecturers and physics enthusiast everywhere to save thousands of hours from mundane manual busywork.

Though still a young and fast growing company, consisting of creative and multi-talented software developers, web designers and web developers, we also provide full web packages including web design, web application development and Internet services.

Mission Statement

SoftAge Global Systems Limited is dedicated to providing excellent innovations and services that are perfect in standard and affordable to users whilst committed to the clients satisfaction and employees wellbeing.

Core Values
Clients: Striving to meet clients and final user’s expectations. We want our customers to feel good and safe while doing business with us. That's why we try to be always available for them, whenever they ask for our help.

Integrity in all things: Acting with integrity, consistency and transparency in a way that generates mutual trust. We believe it to be an essential value to address business opportunities and relationships in an honest way.

Passion for success: The continuous drive, focus and perseverance to achieve success. We believe the satisfaction of our customers is the real measure of our success. That's why the customer is always at the center of our focus.

Humility: The essence of continuous improvement- realizing there is always more to know and learn. We stick to core values but are open to try out new ideas, concepts and strategies. We keep that what works.

Commitment: The conviction to doing what we say. We like to be flexible, but when it comes to the quality of our products and services, it is the place where we make no compromise. We aim at providing only top quality products and services to our customers.